Neaera Consulting specializes in many different industries and services. Here are a few past and current projects. Contact us if you have additional needs that we might be able to assist with.

WDOT/USDOT Connected Vehicle Pilot

Neaera is part of a 3 year Connected Vehicle pilot funded by US DOT and WY DOT. The purpose of the pilot is to install connected vehicle equipment in highway patrol, snowplows, semi trucks and vehicles from the Trihydro fleet. With these vehicles equipped with advanced technology we hope to make I-80 safer road.

Secured Data Commons

Neaera is part of the The Secure Data Commons project with USDOT. The SDC is an online analytic portal for transportation researchers. On this portal, researchers can take advantage of pre-established programming environments to access and analyze a growing set of transportation-related data sets.

Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2X)

Neaera is part of the USDOT V2X (Vehicle to Infrastructure) project.

INTEGRITY Security Services

Neaera Consulting works with INTEGRITY Security Services LLC to deliver the credential management services for connected and automated vehicles using on-board units, road side units and the TMC Authority. These systems are used to secure message between the center, cloud or TMC and vehicles. These solutions are used to implement IEEE 1609.2 to implement non-repudiation, man in the middle attack mitigation, and message replay problems all to help develop an end to end system of trust. Neaera has deployed these solutions with the WYDOT Connected Vehicle Pilot. Neaera has earned the CMS Certified Partner certification with ISS.

Arapahoe Tribe Mobile Application

Neaera Consulting developed a custom survey application for the Arapahoe National Tribe.

Dr. Troxell

Neaera Consulting has developed a custom patient application for Dr. Troxell and have maintained this application since 1997.

New Belgium Brewery

We have worked with New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins to assist with custom application development to manage inventory projections.