V2X TMC Data Collection Website

Work Zone Data Exchange - Verify Work Zones

Work Zone Verification

Choose Work Zone to Visualize

  1. Edit Work Zone
    Move markers (drag), add markers (buttons at top of map) and remove markers (button in popup window). NOTE: WZ Visualization will not update until you hit the "Confirm Edits" button
  2. Verify Markers
    Hit Verify Markers button. If markers are valid, "Confirm Edit" button will be enabled. If the markers are invalid, a popup will be shown with the errors found.
  3. Confirm Edits
    Hit Confirm Edits button. Local work zone visualization will be updated with edits made. 'Save Work Zone' will be enabled.
  4. Save Work Zone
    Hit Save Work Zone button. Updated work zone will be uploaded and message generation will begin. Message generation will take up to 3 minutes. To check if the work zone map has been updated, re-load the visualization in the "Select Work Zone" tab and ensure that the visualization has recently completed updates.