Diversity & Inclusion

Neaera Consulting is committed to an environment at work that promotes for diversity amongst employees and assists employees in balancing work and family. Neaera Consulting is a business where employees are valued and have the chance to succeed thereby increasing organizational capacity to achieve goals and inspirations.

To enhance Neaera’s ability to carry out its mission we make diversity management a priority for employees. Neaera’s diversity management strategy is based on a commitment from owners, managers, and employees. Neaera is committed to be an employer of a highly-qualified, diverse, dedicated, and effective workforce. Pursuing this commitment requires being open to new ways of thinking about employee motivation and staff development.

Neaera Consulting will follow our objectives for building and maintaining a successful diversity management plan.

  • Building a talented dedicated and diverse workforce
  • Improving communication throughout our company’s policies
  • Motivating employees to reach their highest potential and understand diversity opportunities inside and outside the company
  • Encouraging employees to offer their views and suggestions toward achieving program and organizational goals without threat of retribution
  • Respecting and appreciating individual differences

For the past 13 years, Neaera Consulting has been a primary sponsor for a robotics program from elementary to high school, offering training and donating supplies for many robotics teams in our area. We participate at 3 events each year that has over 10,000 people in attendance. For more information on these events visit www.neaerarobtoics.com or the official site of the program, www.firstinspires.org . Click here to view our Diversity & Inclusion plan.